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This article highlights briefly the actions you will need to carry out before creating your first interactive jobsheet. 

The set up can be done in either the TradeHelp app or in TradeHelp Office.  However please note that the job management section and interactive jobsheets can only be created by those who have subscribed to the upgrade packages of TradeHelp Office: TradeHelp Office PRO and Office HeatPRO or those who are in a free trial.  If you do not subscribe after a free trial you will still be able to view interactive jobsheets previously created but you will not be able to create any more.  In this instance the static jobsheet is free to use and still available from the toolbox of the TradeHelp app as an alternative. 

Please also see Personalise my account for further information. 

Checklist: Before creating your first interactive jobsheet.

  1. Firstly you will need to setup your account in the Settings section of your TradeHelp app or TradeHelp Office
  2. Here you can provide your contact information, logo and company details such as registration number and VAT number if relevant.  This information will automatically pull through to the pdf documents that are emailed from the system to your customers
  3. If you are using the TradeHelp app please ensure your mobile or tablet is set up with a mail account.  This can be done through the Settings section of your mobile device and can be via any platform, for example, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google or Outlook.  The app talks directly to your mobile device and will not be able to link with a mail system via an app
  4. Create your first customer See also Create a new customer.  Each document you create is saved against a customer and therefore this action must be completed first
  5. If you have a large customer database you would like to be added to your TradeHelp account, we can support you with a bulk upload.  Please contact us on 01978 666 887 or email [email protected] and a member of the team will provide you with a CSV file to add your contacts to.  All customer data is protected by our Data Protection and Privacy Policy and will not be shared
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