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TradeHelp Office is the desktop login to the TradeHelp software.  It links seamlessly with the TradeHelp app making it even easier to manage your day to day paperwork from the office, at home or on the road. Like the app, TradeHelp Office is free to use.  

If you have upgraded to Office PRO or Office HeatPRO and no longer wish to access the added functionality in the upgrade plans you can revert back to TradeHelp Office (free) at any time. 

Anything you have created in the software upgrade package will be saved and will still be accessible.  For example service plans or quotes can still be viewed and downloaded.  You will just no longer have the functionality to create them unless you were to upgrade again in the future. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call the team on 01978 666 887.

TradeHelp Office for desktop

  1. Open TradeHelp Office in your web browser and log in 
  2. From the main menu select Settings the scroll to Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions and select Edit
  3. The Manage Your Subscription page details which plan you are on, and when your next invoice is due
  4.  Alongside your current subscription you will see the option Change.  Select this to view all three plans available
  5. Underneath your current subscription select Cancel Subscription
  6. Now choose the plan you wish to continue with by choosing Select underneath the plan
  7. On your next invoice date your new subscription will start.  If you have selected TradeHelp Office (free) you will no longer be charged from this date
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