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An intuitive quote form that automatically adds labour, parts and fittings.  Simply answer the questions to build your quote, with an in-depth breakdown for the customer. A ready made bill of materials can also be sent direct to your merchant of choice. The comprehensive quote forms can be sent as a cash, credit or finance quote*.  (*For more information see ‘Apply to offer finance.)

The prices shown within the quote form are standard retail prices to give a suggested quote total.  The quote total can be overridden at the end of the process before it is emailed to your customer.

*Please note
The comprehensive boiler quote forms can only be created and sent to your customer on TradeHelp app for mobile. Once created, the quote can then be viewed, downloaded or printed from TradeHelp Office if required. 

TradeHelp App for mobile

  1. Select Quote from the main menu and choose the + button in the top right hand corner
  2. Select a customer or create a new customer using the + button in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Comprehensive Replacement or Comprehensive New Heating under Heating 
  4. Choose from the list of Quote Types ie Gas Combination Boiler
  5. Select Boiler and work down the list of questions starting with House Type.  Add all the items you require along the way, selecting from the drop down and choosing a product each time.  Ignore any that are not relevant 
  6. When selecting a product, use the filter icon in the top right to refine the search of manufacturers or enter a product name in the search bar
  7. Once the Boiler section has been completed, select Done and complete any other relevant sections in the same way ie Electrical and controls, then Radiator and valves
  8. Once complete select Review Quote to see a list of materials and select the Next arrow in the top right corner
  9. If you have provided a standard labour charge in your app settings, a suggested labour total will have been populated.  This can be overridden, simply select the blue arrow alongside Labour to edit the number or hours or override the total cost manually
  10. The quote total is calculated from the cost of materials plus labour.  Any VAT is shown if relevant.  To override the total select the blue arrow, edit the figure and select Done
  11. Add any deposit
  12. To view the quote select View in the top right hand corner
  13. Select Quote Action and Email Quote once you are ready to send to your customer
  14. Select the payment type
  15. Check the email address and press Send then send the quote through your mail account
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