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Create appointments to survey a customer’s property via video link in TradeHelp Office PRO and Office HeatPRO.  Your customer will receive confirmation of the appointment plus a free video link and scheduled reminder, saving you travel time and money.  This feature is only available via the upgrade options on Desktop.

Creating a remote survey appointment via desktop

  1. Select the Create Appointment shortcut from the top of the Home page or go to Calendar from the main menu and select New Appointment
  2.  Select Create Appointment to the right hand side of the relevant customer’s details or create a new customer using the New Customer button in the top right hand corner of the screen
  3.  Select the Type of appointment and the User you wish to assign it to
  4. Select the Date, followed by the Start and End Time using the drop downs
  5.  If you wish to send the customer an appointment reminder via email, tick Send Customer Reminder
  6. To carry out the appointment via video call, tick Video Appointment
  7. Add any notes in the the free-type Notes section and select Save
  8. An appointment reminder email is then sent immediately to your customer.  This is followed by a second reminder on the day of the appointment and a link to join the video call at the arranged time

Starting the remote survey call via desktop

  1. Go to the appointment via the Calendar on the Home page or by selecting Calendar from the main menu
  2. Click on the blue Camera Icon or select the drop down arrow above the icon and select Start Video Appointment
  3. Select the green Start a Video Call Button to begin the call.  (The customer will not be able to see you or join the call until you have started it
  4.  At the same time the customer can open the video link from the email appointment sent to them
  5. The customer can then use the camera reverse option to show you around their property or installation
  6. Should you wish to take notes during the call you can do so by selecting the N button.  Any notes you take down will then be saved in the appointment Notes section for future reference
  7. Select the red telephone icon on the video screen to end the call
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