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Create a professional Risk Assessment document with the ability for it to be electronically signed within the app. 

*Please note
Forms and certificates are created and sent from the Toolbox section of the TradeHelp app.  Once created they can be viewed, downloaded or printed from TradeHelp Office for desktop if required. 

TradeHelp App for mobile

  1. Select Toolbox from the main menu
  2. Go to General Forms and select Risk Assessment
  3. Select the + button in the top right hand corner to create a new assessment
  4. Once in the form, go to Details, complete the information, then Save
  5. Select Risk, and add a new risk using the + button in the top right hand corner, complete the details and select Save
  6. Select Signature to add an electronic signature and select Save 
  7. Select View to view a pdf copy of the document
  8. Select Send certificate to email the documentr.  Ensure the address is correct and press Send
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