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A Waiver Form is useful for any job where a customer wants the work carried out within 14 days of your quote. If a job is installed inside the 14 days and a waiver form is not signed by the customer, they have the legal right to require removal of the installation without any reason (so long as requested within those 14 days).

The form will therefore protect you as the installer and should always be used if you plan to fit a job within 14 days of quote acceptance by the customer.

A Waiver Form is also required for any job completed on finance through TradeHelp that requires installation within the 14 day cooling off period.  

A Waiver Form can only be created against a quote saved in the TradeHelp software.  The software provides the ability for the customer to enter the reason for the waiver (which they must do themselves for the form to be valid legally) and to sign the form electronically on your mobile device.

*Please note
Forms and certificates are created and sent from the Toolbox section of the TradeHelp app.  Once created they can be viewed, downloaded or printed from TradeHelp Office for desktop if required. 

TradeHelp App for mobile

  1. Select Toolbox from the main menu
  2. Go to General Forms and select Waiver Form
  3.  Scroll to find the customer and quote to which the waiver form will be linked.  Use the search bar at the top to search by name
  4. Select the Details arrow, then ask your customer to enter the reason for the waiver (ie – boiler broken down and no heating in the home) and to check the information provided, then Save
  5. Select Sign and ask the customer to read the information provided
  6. If they are happy, select Press to sign for the customer to provide their signature on the screen.  
  7. Select Save, then Submit
  8. Select View to view a pdf copy of the document
  9. Select Email to email the document to your customer.  Ensure the address is correct and press Send
  10. To provide TradeHelp with a copy for the completion of a finance job, please select Send to TradeHelp
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