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Appointments can be created against a customer and categorised as Quote, Install, Service, Repair or Other.  If you choose to send the customer an email reminder they will receive one immediately after the appointment is saved, and another one closer to the appointment date to remind them.  

A service reminder can also be set for any future date.  If you select to send an email reminder the customer will receive an email at the time of saving the appointment and another 28 days before the service is due.  

In either case an additional email will always be sent to you as an appointment approaches.

Should you wish to create an appointment that is not linked to a customer you can do so via TradeHelp Office. Simply select ‘Create appointment without customer’ rather than selecting the customer name from the customer page. 

TradeHelp App for mobile

  1. Select Calendar from the main menu
  2. Choose the + button from the top right hand corner
  3. Select from Appointment or Service Reminder
  4. Complete the details for the appointment and select a customer
  5. The appointment will automatically be assigned to you, however if you have other users on the app you can also choose to assign it to them
  6. If you would like the customer to receive an email reminder for their appointment leave this toggle switched on, or switch off to stop the appointment reminder from sending
  7. Select Save
  8. You can now view and edit the appointment from your calendar

TradeHelp Office for desktop

  1. Select the Create Appointment shortcut from the home page
  2. Alternatively select Calendar from the main menu and choose New Appointment or New Service Reminder
  3. Find the customer (or choose New Customer if you have not already created one). Then select Create Appointment on the right hand side
  4. Complete the appointment details and select Send Customer Reminder if you would like your customer to receive an email with the details of the appointment
  5. Select Save
  6. You can now view and edit the appointment from your calendar
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