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A quote can be edited at any time, whether it has been emailed to a customer yet or not.

*Please note
Quotes and invoices can only be created on desktop in the TradeHelp Office upgrade packages, TradeHelp Office PRO and Office HeatPRO.  

If you are not on an upgrade package please create your quotes and invoices within the TradeHelp app by following the process below.  You can then log into TradeHelp Office for desktop to view, download and print these documents if required. 

TradeHelp App for mobile

  1. Go to Quotes from the main menu and choose the quote in question.  You can use the search bar at the top to search the customer’s name
  2. Select the quote
  3. For a line item form ie a Quick Quote, Service & Repair or Electrical Quote, go to button 1. Add Items
  4. Add a new item by selecting the Add Item button at the bottom of the screen
  5. To edit or delete a previous item, slide across the item from right to left to display the Edit or Delete options
  6. Edit the item and select Save, or Delete the item
  7. Notes can be edited in button 2. Add Notes
  8. The Quote Status, Deposit and Discount can be edited in button 3.Confirm/Send
  9. To view the quote select Review Quote in the top right hand corner
  10. Select Quote Actions to see a list of further options
  11. For a Heating or Bathroom quote, open the quote from the Quotes section of the main menu
  12. Select Quote Actions and Edit Quote
  13. Edit or add relevant items
  14. Select Save & Close or Quote Action to see a list of further options

TradeHelp Office PRO and Office HeatPRO for desktop

  1. Select Quotes from the main menu or open the Customer and scroll down to Quotes in their profile
  2. Open the quote in question by clicking on the Quote Ref
  3. Add, Remove or Edit items on the quote by selecting the actions down the right hand side of the page
  4. Edit the Deposit, Discount or Quote Total if required
  5. Any updates to your quote will save automatically
  6. Select View Quote from the top banner to view the updated quote pdf
  7. Select Email Quote from the top banner to send to your customer choosing the payment option from the drop down list
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