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The Expansion Vessel Calculator is designed to allow the correct sizing of an expansion vessel for a sealed system based on its size.

All calculators are designed to be used on site and available from the Toolbox section of the TradeHelp mobile app.  

TradeHelp App for mobile

  1. Select Toolbox from the main menu
  2. Go to Heating Calculators and select Expansion Vessel
  3. Enter the maximum pressure of the boiler/heating system. This is the maximum pressure at which the Pressure Relief Valve on the boiler or system is set to discharge (in bar)
  4. Enter the pre-charge pressure the pressure vessel is set at (in bar)
  5. Enter the distance from the vessel to the highest point on the system (m)
  6. Enter the maximum boiler output in Kw
  7. Select Get Result
  8. The results displayed will be the vessel efficiency, the expanded system volume (when boiler is working) and the pressure vessel size required (litres)
  9. Select Done and Reset to start again
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