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The Heat Loss Calculator is designed to give the maximum and minimum range of heat required for a room across broad parameters and assumes the property has cavity walls.

All calculators are designed to be used on site and available from the Toolbox section of the TradeHelp mobile app.  

TradeHelp App for mobile

  1. Select Toolbox from the main menu
  2. Go to Heating Calculators and select Heat Loss Calculator
  3. Select Room type and desired temperature
  4. Enter length of room
  5. Enter width of room
  6. Enter height of room
  7. Enter if the room is sheltered or exposed. If the room has one outside wall this would be deemed ‘Average’, if it has two or more it would be ‘Exposed’, if it has no outside walls it would be deemed ‘Sheltered’
  8. Enter window type in property, single or double glazed
  9. Select Get Result
  10. A minimum and maximum Heat Loss requirement in Watts and BTU/hr will be displayed
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