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TradeHelp Office HeatPRO provides a simple and easy solution to creating professional and personalised service plans.  Before creating your first plan follow the steps below to setup your account. Once your GoCardless account is linked you are ready to go!

You will also find further information in our Service Plan FAQs.

Personalise your account

  1. If you haven’t already you will need to personalise your account in the Settings section from the main menu.  The company information, contact details and logo you provide will automatically populate on any Service Plans before they are emailed to your customers
  2.  Go to ‘Personalise my account‘ for full information

Set your plan pricing

  1. Use the pre-determined Plan descriptions to make sure you’re pricing it right for your business. We’ve put some suggested pricing in this section, but it’s totally up to you what you charge. If you are VAT registered, remember to include VAT in your prices
  2. To edit your plan pricing go to Settings from the main menu and choose Service Plan Settings > Edit
  3. Update the pricing down the right hand side and once complete scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save

Register with Go Cardless

  1. Customer payments will be taken with GoCardless.  You can register with GoCardless – free of charge or if you already have a GoCardless account you can just link it; setting up a new one can take up to 7-10 days
  2. For further help in setting up your GoCardless account please see our GoCardless FAQs
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