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Single Appliance Gas Pipe Sizing is designed to provide the correct gas pipe size based upon the size of the
appliance and the length of the pipe from a domestic gas meter.

All calculators are designed to be used on site and available from the Toolbox section of the TradeHelp mobile app.  

TradeHelp App for mobile

1.  Select Toolbox from the main menu

2.  Go to Heating Calculators and select Single Appliance Gas Pipe Sizing

3.  Enter the requested information;

·        Kw rating of appliance

·        The length of proposed pipe run to meter (in metres)

·        The number of elbows

·        The number of swept bends

·        The number of tees

·        The proposed pipe diameter

4.  Select Get Result and it will display:

·        The effective pipe length including bends, elbow and tees

·        The gas flow rate

·        The maximum length of pipe of the diameter chosen

·        The pressure drop when the appliance is working to maximum capacity

5.  When finished select Done and Reset to set the parameter to zero

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