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TradeHelp Office HeatPRO provides a simple and easy solution to creating professional and personalised service plans.  Before creating your first plan please ensure you have completed the set up including personalising your account, confirming your plan pricing and linking with GoCardless.  You will find full guidance in the ‘Setup Service Plans‘ article and in our GoCardless FAQ’s. Further information can also be found in our Service Plans FAQs.

Create a service plan for your customer

  1. Before creating a plan you must have first created the customer in question within the Customers section.  See ‘Create a customer‘ for full instructions if you have not already completed this step 
  2. Once your customer has been created go to Settings from the main menu
  3. Choose New Plan and then select Create Plan against your chosen customer
  4. Highlight the Plan you wish to offer and any Add-Ons you wish to provide 
  5. Set the Plan Start Date and Create Plan to proceed to the next page
  6. Check the details are correct, then select Email Plan to send to your customer

Next steps

  1. Your customer will receive an email, inviting them to apply for their plan via a link. Within the link they can view and sign their plan, then set up their Direct Debit in a few easy clicks.
  2. Once completed you will be informed by email, and the customer agreement will be saved in your Service Plan and Customer records.  A copy is emailed to the customer automatically.
  3. And that’s it! Now it’s just about fulfilling the agreed works in the Plan. You’ll receive the direct debit payment into your account every month, and can review customer and plan details in the Customers section from the main menu.

    If you’ve got any questions about this process you will find further information in our Service Plan FAQs, or get in touch with us on 01978 666 887.

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